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Revising works best when you practice what you’ll be doing in the exam ­and that means answering questions. By concentrating on key facts and writing them down as exam answers you’ll be making it easier to remember what you learned in class. In the exam you’ll be expected to answer questions on the subjects you studied in class, which means you’ll need a full set of notes to revise from.

Assessing your progress is the most important part of studying. Mock tests or online quizzes available online will allow you to evaluate your knowledge in the subject. Ask your parents or siblings to quiz you on topics that you have recently studied. You may never need to refer back to these notes again, but making them helps you process your understanding. Guidance on making notes effectively in lectures and other content-rich teaching. It’s important to be equipped with different revision techniques. Start by dividing the number of days you have until the exam by the number of topics you need to revise.

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But I know that different techniques work better for some people compared to others. The following strategies are the ones that worked effectively for me – if you’re struggling with your studying, then perhaps give these a try. In essence, the idea behind spaced repetition is that you allow your brain to forget some of the information to ensure that the active recall process is mentally taxing. The psychology literature suggests that the harder that your brain has to work to retrieve information, the more likely that that information will be encoded. It’s about taking time to concentrate on the birds-eye view of what you are learning. Include abbreviations and symbols when writing stuff down. This is one of those seemingly minor note-taking tips that seriously helps when it comes to ramping up our learning speed.

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It can sometimes make revision enjoyable if you like using colours or calligraphy. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that it’s one of the more effective revision techniques; just because we’re writing things down, doesn’t mean we’re making the best use of our revision time. When it comes to taking notes for lectures, I always find it best to print the lecture slides out at the beginning of each week, as this motivates me and makes me feel well-prepared.

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Once you’ve read a paragraph or short section a couple of times, close the book or cover it up and try to write what you’ve just read in your own words. Studying in shorter sessions with breaks, and revising different subjects in different ways, often works best for most. This will keep your brain stimulated, whereas doing the same thing for too long will likely make you switch off. You don’t want to be in a situation where you haven’t got enough time to cover everything you need to, so start early if you have to, to get the job done.

Indeed, some evidence suggests that although listening to classical music won’t increase intelligence, it could help us study better. A French study, found that students who listened to a lecture with classical music playing in the background performed better on a test compared to those who had the lecture without music. I understand that everyone is different and timetables do work for some people but if you’re finding that your standard ‘prospective’ timetable doesn’t really work then perhaps try the retrospective spreadsheet system. It encourages us to think of our studying in terms of topics, instead of time. The more effort it takes you to learn a topic and the more effort it takes you to actively recall information – the stronger that information is going to get encoded in your long-term memory. In essence, with traditional blocked practice, we don’t often need to identify the strategy because every problem can be solved in the same way with the same strategy. Interleaving changes this by forcing us to consider and choose the appropriate strategy for different questions.


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He writes letters to all the people who live on Butternut Street to see if they will adopt him but gets rejection letters. Then, when he least expects it, he receives a letter. It is a heart-warming story that teaches about dog adoption, rejection and that things can turn out beautifully, even if they are not what you imagined at first. Fantastic book for children that want a dog and families planning on adopting one. He doesn’t think he is a dog… but thinks he is a ballet dancer and dreams about his name in lights. He spies on his little owner’s ballet class and follows her to a ballet show… where he will surprise everyone and save the day.

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Being forced to stretch and take a risk can often help us to reduce our dependencies , and to discover new excitement and capabilities. The poem Come to the Edge is another wonderful perspective on risk and stretching. The likelihood of any more passing traffic is effectively zero. The conditions are too dangerous for people to walk anywhere. “Hmmn… interesting idea…” said the god, thinking hard, “…Okay. It shall be done.” At which the brilliant light dimmed and vanished; the clouds closed; and the noises of the forest resumed. With these simple three words, a blinding flash of lightning lit up the sky.


Finding paper games to play breaks up repetitive habits and can feel like a whole new experience. It involves lines and triangles and it’s a lot of fun to play this game with your kids. By the time the game is over, the story will be so funny and strange that you will want to play it again and see what else you all can come up with. A few of these drawing games on paper are fun to play with small groups or even parties of people.

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The bank concerned had introduced a charge to be levied when people paid in money to be credited to an account held by a different bank. The charge was 50p and had been in force for about 6 months or so. A well to do, upper-class lady enters the bank and presents the cashier a cheque which she asks to be paid into an account held by a different bank. The cashier duly tells the lady that there will be a charge of 50p.

I also share details of how much money I’ve made through writing, giving readers a clear idea of how much work is involved and what they can expect to earn from their own writing. Otherwise ninety-nine percent the world’s fairy tales would be outlawed and banned, and nearly all books , newspapers, films and every other media would not exist. Imagistory is one of the best app for creative storytelling. Imagistory is a storytelling app that allows you to create your story with wordless picture books. The app comes with two free stories, and other stories can be purchased via in-app purchases. The app is set up so that each time a new page in the story appears, it automatically records your speech.

There aren’t any screens and your entertainment can only come from humble paper and pen games. Balderdash is one of our favourite paper games for adults. After you draw the lines, you are ready to play the game. Then, they fold the paper over so only the last sentence is visible and pass it along to the next person in line.

In a quiet corner stood three men discussing trucks and transport and distribution, since one was the present distribution manager, and the other two were past holders of the post, having retired many years ago. The three men represented three generations of company distribution management, spanning over sixty years. A national football team is in many ways like a business. It needs solid strategic and philosophical foundations. Misalignment at a basic level eventually produces problems at the level of tactical or operational implementation. Like a national football team, if a business fails at a tactical or operational level, the causes – and therefore the solutions – are generally much deeper than they seem.

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With guidance, even kids in primary schools can use this technology tool to produce and publish their own simple books or comics with images, videos, and audio. OK Play app is an interactive storytelling app containing many activities that build social and emotional skills in young kids aged 3 and above. It works exceptionally well when parents and children play it together. As it happens, 2 of my favourite authors are Douglas and Terry.

“Good day and thank you,” the traveller replied, smiled, and journeyed on. “I think you will find it much the same” replied the monk, “Good day to you”. The moral of the story is of course to make the world your debtor – even the humblest of folk may one day be of use. Some days later in the same part of the forest, a hunter had laid a trap for the lion, and it duly caught him, so that the lion was trussed up in a strong net, helpless, with nothing to do than wait for the hunter to return. One day a small rat surfaced from his nest to find himself between the paws of a huge sleeping lion, which immediately awoke and seized the rat. The rat pleaded with the fierce beast to be set free, and the lion, being very noble and wise, and in no need of such small prey, agreed to let the relieved rat go on his way. And all six blind men continued to argue, based on their own particular experiences, as to what they thought an elephant was like.

Incidentally, Qantas has the best safety record of all the world’s major airlines. Engineers at a major aerospace company were instructed to test the effects of bird-strikes on the windshields of airliners and military jets. To simulate the effect of a goose colliding with an aircraft travelling at high speed, the test engineers built a powerful gun, with which they fired dead chickens at the windshields. The simulations using the gun and the dead chickens worked extremely effectively, happily proving the suitability of the windshields, and several articles about the project appeared in the testing industry press.