The Top 3 Lead Generation Mistakes That Can Cost You Precious Leads

The Top 3 Lead Generation Mistakes That Can Cost You Precious Leads

Decision makers can then focus on determining what direction to take based on the information. Using Analytics, a company can track leads from the moment visitors appear on a website through a closed deal. Quality and quantity of traffic is recorded, as well as which traffic brings in the most leads and sales. Marketing executives can also look at specific criteria such as the number of page views, inbound links, and keyword rankings.

The first layer of your target audience is companies that match your ideal customer profile . The second layer of your target audience is the specific individuals within those companies who are likely to be interested in what you’re selling. Mary-Jane has been at the forefront of digital marketing, in leadership roles across industries such as Technology, Fintech, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods and E-commerce. Tap her knowledge and experience to put your company on track for transformational growth. Your company’s website and social media platforms are potential drivers of growth. And of course, Buffer also optimized the blog posts for search engines.

In this, it’s vital that your marketing and sales teams are working in perfect harmony. Both need to share insights with each other to figure out which events to go to. Whatever content you’re putting out it needs to say good things about your company and your knowledge of your chosen field. Knowing your target audience is key so you don’t waste your efforts advertising to those who wouldn’t be interested in your brand in the first place. However advertising or making content for your target demographic will help increase your brand awareness which in turn will have a knock on effect to your lead generation capabilities. Thomson Reuters testifies that their revenue increased by 172% when they adopted a marketing automation solution.

The biggest catch is that it’s fairly expensive for a 25 message limit per month but great if you have a special niche. If you’ve heard the terms B2B or B2C before, you may already know they mean business-to-business or business-to-consumer. The lesser known term but more frequently used recently is B2B2C which are companies focused on creating a better customer experience overall for the end consumer.

Only 5-10% of qualified leads successfully convert for marketers . By putting time limits on offers or restricting the amount of product available, you can motivate people to click sooner, make decisions faster, and ultimately accelerate the purchasing process. It’s risky, but with the right angle and the right target audience, this type of sales tactic can work wonders. Expert guests add credibility to your products and your brand. Anyone in your target audience who searches for that expert will also find you under that expert’s recommendations.

More Sales Leads Generated Using Inbound Marketing

Every lead generation strategy will generate leads in some quantity, but you decide whether or not the quantity or quality of those leads is top of mind. Your decision here influences your lead generation strategy. B2B lead generation is a collection of strategies you use to attract potential customers and move them through your sales funnel.

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Also, make sure to add the LinkedIn ‘follow’ button to your website/email footer to drive traffic back to your Page. More people make your Page more authoritative, which has a bearing on LinkedIn Ads. Only the first three lines of the ‘About’ section are visible to ordinary page visitors, so make sure the first sentence or two really grabs attention and makes people what to find out more.

A higher engagement rate is essential to keep your leads aware of your product and brand. Outbound marketing requires leads to be qualified before being approached. After an outbound lead responds or engages, they also need to be engaged. This makes outbound marketing ideal for selling big-ticket products with longer sales cycles.

How To Conduct B2b Lead Generation

Defining your MQLs and SQLs will help ensure your lead generation efforts pay off. It also helps create stronger teams that work better together to grow your business and revenue. B2B lead generation is the practice of identifying and attracting ideal customers for your B2B product or service. The best B2B landing pages are laser-focused on one thing—capturing lead information for your sales team to follow up on. Landing pages don’t need to make a sale, and they shouldn’t pretend to be your homepage. Too many of them try to do too much, which leads to confusion on the part of the customer.

Therefore, offering a free tool or trial is an ideal way to generate quality leads without having to put out email forms. Popular wisdom dictates that a combination of inbound marketing and outbound marketing does best in establishing your pipeline. These prospects are then nurtured by marketing automation until they are qualified to be handed over to the sales team.

Ready To Increase Your Customer Base?

You can also look at your current customer base and identify common characteristics among them. Once you have a good understanding of who your ideal customer is, you can begin to generate a list of leads. They use a variety of methods to find this information, such as surveys and customer interviews.