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How To Convert Android Apps To Kaios

Converting your app is not a difficult task but yes, it is time-consuming. Hiring skilled and seasoned mobile app developers makes the process easy and efficient. And the reason behind it is the difference in coding language. IOS apps are made using Swift or Objective-C while Java or Kotlin are used for Android.

Flutter plugins can be integrated into the preexisting platform and used for Flutter modules to interact with the platform. By creating a module in this way, you can separate the main code from the Flutter code. To migrate your web-based app to KaiOS, follow the instructions in the Getting Started section of our Developer Portal. This enables you to increase your share of the market gradually. Why should you consider porting your iOS software to Android?. It also supports both types of iOS apps, Objective-C and Swift.

And J2ObjC is an indispensable tool that will help you translate Java source code into Objective-C and convert Android app to iOS. IOS is a mobile operating system based primarily on Swift and Objective-C in rare cases. The foundation model is closed, while open source components are included.

  • We wish that our Flutter app looks unique and delivers a user experience to remember.
  • It is pretty obvious that the massive code base and variety of technology stacks might tempt you to make a swift move to Flutter.
  • As you can see above, the application developed using Flutter looks more crisp and accurate than that developed using the Android programming language.
  • Statista’s most recent data shows that Oreo 8.1 and higher versions typically cover more than 76 percent of Android devices mobile globally.
  • Deploying your app to multiple markets means your app will reach to a larger audience.

Testing is one of the most crucial steps of an app development process. Your app must go through different meticulous tests before it becomes a working app. We’ve already suggested you use Kotlin for your Android app development. And if you have converting android app to ios accepted our advice and adopted this programming language, it will be easier for you to create a version for Apple operating systems. Unfortunately, there’s still no way to make an iOS app from an Android one with a click of a magic button.

Phases Of Porting  Ios App To Android

If you run into any trouble, contact and a KaiOS developer will get back to you shortly. The outcome of validation testing establishes if the ultimate software solution satisfies business requirements. When migrating the iOS application software to Android, thorough planning is required, and it is critical to examine how to categorize the process.

Being relatively new programming languages , Kotlin and Swift have much in common. This similarity will also let you copy significant parts of the created code and reuse it with slight corrections. Beta testing and real-time data analysis are conducted before the product’s release.

Before porting the iOS application to Android, it is crucial to think about how to sort the process. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.

Google Play has far more installations than the App Store. That implies that if you don’t have an Android version of your software, you’re likely to lose many prospective clients. Let’s start with why you should consider converting your iOS app to Android.

Flutter Application:

Unless you’ve been using tools for hybrid mobile app development, you’ll need to build it from scratch. The biggest and most frequent issue developers face when porting an app is creating an App on Android focused on the iOS UI design for different screen sizes. Ensure that a variety of responsive designs are supported.

converting android app to ios

Change the iOS software to Android and employ various features like widgets, push notifications, android intents, and more to satisfy your target audience. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider converting your iOS application to Android. As per StatCounter, Android has 71.45 percent of the global market share, while iOS has 27.83 percent.

Things that Flutter allows us to do when integrated into iOS apps. Things that Flutter allows us to do when integrated into Android apps. You might have your own set of problems that you wish to solve using Flutter. So, discuss how they wish to proceed with the Flutter solution with your client and team. When you wish to go with the trend and wish to release a fully-functional application.

Things To Keep In Mind When Converting Android Apps To Kaios

For producing graphic assets, the designer can use a standard aspect ratio. Flutter is Google’s brainchild and an open-source, cross-platform framework. It is highly flexible and allows developers to build a scalable, robust & fully functional cross-platform app. In the year 2019, Flutter released the add-to-app functionality. This functionality empowers us to embed the whole Flutter app or parts of the app into an existing iOS/Android app.

Both platforms have their own peculiar characteristics and audiences. So if you miss either of the two platforms, you are missing a great opportunity. Let’s check some benefits of converting iOS app to Android and vice versa.

Flutter is a software development kit and UI framework from Google that aims to make developing beautiful mobile apps faster and easier. With Flutter, you can build modern, high-quality apps for Android, iOS, and future platforms using a unified codebase. Flutter apps run blazingly fast, look great and are fully functional on all major mobile platforms.

converting android app to ios

But mind the fact that iOS 11 is upgraded in comparison to iOS 10 and has more functions you can add. The 10th version, for example, doesn’t support NFC, so don’t rely on Apple Pay functionality. The 11th iOS system update also includes Apple Pay Cash, which is supported neither on previous iOS versions nor on Android. It would be best if you didn’t let some things escape your notice. An iOS app must be carefully planned out to transition to Android properly.

A challenging task is translating software made for one media into another. Therefore, it may take longer or need more work to provide the same functionality for different platforms. Android and iOS developers collaborate to produce high-quality applications.

Challenges Faced While Porting An Ios App To Android

Though the number of users of iOS apps is less, they are worth gold in weight when compared to Android. Keep your app light to ensure users connecting in 2G and 3G networks, or via pay-by-the-byte plans, can download it. Use the devtools in your browser to see how your app performs in 320×240 screen sizes.

Converting Ios App To Android & Vice Versa

If you’d like help converting your Android app to KaiOS, contact us at and we’ll connect you with a certified partner. In this post, we’ll share tips to help you get started, including how to ensure your apps run smoothly in smart feature phones. The Android and iOS versions both receive updates almost annually. There is a chance that features from one edition won’t be present in another. So, on the most widely used operating system versions, your program should function without any issues.

Your existing application is facing technical issues, and you, anyhow, have to work on releasing an update. When you have an already existing application in either Android or iOS, and it is due for an update. And many different versions have been launched since their first release. For instance, Android versions such as – KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo while iOS Versions -iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11 are widely used.

How To Convert Ios App To Android

According to App Annie, in the first quarter of 2017 the worldwide downloads of Android apps were 135% more than that of iOS apps. Thus, entering this huge market opens possibilities for more app downloads and more revenue from in-app ads. You must select a reasonable version limit for the conversion exercise based on app characteristics and the intended audience. It is best to declare the app’s interoperability with a more recent version for Android development. Statista’s most recent data shows that Oreo 8.1 and higher versions typically cover more than 76 percent of Android devices mobile globally.

Your awesome app must be available to all users whether it be Android or iOS. Even your favorite apps that you use every day are available on both the platforms. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. Irrespective of the device and operating system, users must be able to use your app. And having your app on two operating systems have a bunch of benefits as mentioned above.

How To Transfer Your Existing App Into Flutter?

We are one of the early adopters of Flutter, and that makes us nimble in this industry. In our opinion, Flutter is the future, and it is the best time to start developing an app using Flutter. We wish that our Flutter app looks unique and delivers a user experience to remember. It is pretty obvious that the massive code base and variety of technology stacks might tempt you to make a swift move to Flutter. While iOS development uses Flat design, Android development uses Material design. This makes it impossible to use the same interface while transferring the app.

According to the recent research, online spendings of iOS users are threefold bigger than the amounts of money Android enthusiasts invest online. You can boost your income with the increased rate of in-app purchases. Thus, your second app may even become more successful and profitable in terms of ROI than its predecessor. Moreover, it will enlarge your audience and target a new segment of users. Third-party libraries can help with app rules, visuals, customized templates, communication protocols, and other tasks.

Os Version

Application porting from one operating system to another is a significant business decision. It assists in maximizing resources and time based on the interests of various target audiences. The mobile scene in today’s world is segregated into two operating systems, i.e. According to, as of March 2018, these two platforms covers 98.8% of the market share.

The fact that not all users have the same OS versions as many don’t bother to update it, creates trouble for the mobile app developers. So while you transfer your app to another platform, you must keep in mind that your app runs on every version. While most of the iOS users have updated their device to the latest iOS 11, fragmentation is still an issue for Android. If you already have an app for any of the two platforms it’s good. By now you must have understood it and as it is said, two heads are better than one.