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It’s a fact that in service business, people drive profits, so we’ve developed The One Page Scorecard to help Business Owners and CEOs understand how to measure this. Both in service businesses, and nonprofits, the biggest expense is people. Usually, it’s 70 percent or more of the expenses when you add in all the benefits. Wave’s simple-to-use accounting program can connect to your bank accounts, sync expenses, balance your books and prepare you for tax time.


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Instead, these users can view a dashboard that shows a variety of charts and graphs. Akounto is a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping software designed to help businesses manage and streamline their financial data. Managing your financials can be really overwhelming – and for that, Akounto has your back! With Akounto, keep up with your cash flow while on-the-move & enjoy… Businesses rise to the level of competency of the managers. So, if you get to a point where you’re a million dollars and you’re stuck, or you’re $5 million and you’re stuck, it’s because the leadership has risen to their highest level of skill set. The first thing to do is look at the top and make sure that person is in the CEO’s chair.

GrowthForce combines the advanced QuickBooks accounting system design with a fractional share of a full-service accounting department, including professional, U.S.-based teams of bookkeepers, accountants, and controllers. The GrowthForce Smart Back Office™ framework combines the latest technologies, dedicated teams, and efficient processes to become a scalable solution through any stage of a business’s lifecycle. Stephen King, CPA CGMA, is president and CEO of GrowthForce, a market leader in the client accounting services industry, providing Cloud-based bookkeeping, accounting and controller services for service businesses and nonprofit organizations. GrowthForce specializes in QuickBooks job costing for service businesses and nonprofits, who identify people as their most important assets. By automating the back office using our Smart B…

At that point, I realized the true power of a human capital strategy and the importance of employee recognition. When a manager ignores someone, the likelihood of disengagement rises by 40 percent — a sobering statistic. That’s not to say that you should micromanage by any means, but if you want employees to be happy, engaged, and productive, be sure to keep lines of communication open and offer feedback — both constructive criticism GrowthForce and praise — often. Not the funniest mistake, but certainly a big lesson learned there. One week after I gave a month’s notice to Ernst & Young, I got a call from a partner I knew, who told me that Amnesty International had proposed that Ernst & Young build an accounting system. I became the person in charge of all the money for the next seven years, both spending and raising $20M a year as CFO and Director of Development.

GrowthForce provides outsourced, cloud-based advanced bookkeeping, management accounting, controller, and accounting advisory services for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. GrowthForce provides outsourced bookkeeping, management accounting and controller services to help you get timely, accurate financials from a dependable team of accounting professionals you can trust. GrowthForce combines advanced QuickBooks accounting system design with a fractional share of a full-service accounting department including a U.S. based, dedicated team of bookkeepers, accountants and controllers. Our customized financial reporting and KPIs help small businesses and organizations drive performance and profitability through data-driven decisions. A highly energetic and motivational business leader, entrepreneur and speaker, Steve has a passion for helping businesses and nonprofits reach their growth potential. Steve’s experience with accounting system design, software development, and management accounting services spans nearly three decades. GrowthForce provides outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and controller services to help you get timely, accurate financials from a dependable team of accounting professionals you can trust.

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GrowthForce combines the advanced accounting system design with a fractional share of a full-service accounting department, including professional, U.S.-based teams of bookkeepers, accountants, and controllers. This tool is particularly helpful for individuals who are attempting to move with the industry by providing constant access. GrowthForce provides a variety of financial intelligence products that integrate Cloud with other technology. By giving accounting service providers access to their financial data over the Internet, these professionals have more time to spend directly with their clients. The developers of Reveal believe that it will be a product that helps accounting program users the ability to monitor their profit and loss by job in order to better allocate funds and time costing through the web. GrowthForce has provided human resources and solutions for small businesses for years. Insperity provides the ability for businesses to reach across the nation through its exposure.

Will prepare a reporting package and conduct monthly analysis. An Accounting degree and experience in full-cycle accounting is needed. There hasn’t been a good way to measure the impact of a human capital strategy, so we built a One Page Scorecard for our clients to help them see it. The AICPA says that 68 percent of the value of a company is its people. They suggest a required footnote disclosure for employee turnover, because the companies that have the most profits have low unplanned turnover .

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Two Kingwood based companies are joining forces to create a new financial software solution, called “Reveal.” This tool was created to provide accountants and business owners with access to vital financial information over the Internet. The goal is to help revamp accounting practices for businesses across the globe. Growing companies that use both GrowthForce and The Strategic CFO will gain a level of financial management and expertise most small businesses cannot put together on their own.


Right now, we are focusing on preparing for a two-day retreat to talk about what pivots we need to make in 2021 to continue to grow and respond to the changes that have happened in the marketplace, like COVID-19. If I didn’t have a leader for operations and a leader for sales and a leader for marketing, I would have to be filling those jobs. I would be worrying about making sure the clients are happy. If you’re stuck, you must look at your management team and see which skill sets are missing. Usually, it’s the financial skill set because a chief financial officer is expensive. Create team pods and assign scanning accordingly—Kings recognizes that scanning can be a time consuming task that may put firms off. Part of going paperless, he insists, is proper workflow management.

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You are kept up to date from Day 1 of onboarding through weekly and monthly processing. GF Connect gives you an easy way to always know what’s going on with your outsourced accounting department. The Strategic CFO™ is a financial advisory and consulting firm that works with the office of the CFO, CEO and business owner. The Strategic CFO provides consulting services in accounting and operations with the goal of always adding value to our clients. The Strategic CFO™ also provides CFO retained search, CFO coaching, and financial/accounting staffing to entrepreneurial companies. Our goal is to assist owners, chief financial officers and controllers of entrepreneurial companies in improving their profits and cash flow.

  • GrowthForce was a Business Products & Services company based in Kingwood, Texas.
  • GrowthForce specializes in QuickBooks job costing for service businesses and nonprofits, who identify people as their most important assets.
  • M the eldest child of two Irish immigrants who immigrated to Queens, New York, in the mid-1950’s.
  • The two companies devised a solution that integrates allows individuals who have authority to view the business’ QuickBooks file without accessing the actual QuickBooks file.
  • A single log-in allows accountants and other authorized individuals to gain access to QuickBooks data quickly.
  • You can customize the look and feel of your invoices using our easy template builder.

When I don’t get out in the garden and get my fingers dirty and get into nature, I come into Monday morning and my weather is storming. My wife and I went to Miraval for a weekend getaway, when I came back, I felt the best I’ve ever felt. I was literally walking out of here on Friday thinking, This is the best day I’ve ever had a GrowthForce. And then I got to do this interview with you guys, and now I’m getting ready for this great weekend. You need to be able to study the past to help predict the future.

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It works for all types of businesses and all sizes of teams. Dashboards, Reports and KPI Alert Notifications allow you to keep track of the most important KPIs within your business. Maintain existing your existing file structure—SmartVault allows firms to preserve existing filing structures. Because SmartVault seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, files are automatically linked to the client, so creating and learning a new filing structure isn’t necessary. This makes the move to paperless much simpler.


Within the last few years, the firm implemented SmartVault’s Connected Desktop. “The mapped drive presents as if it were right on our own server, offering a familiar structure for document storage. This serves as a single point of access to files and makes it much easier on staff,” Gibb explained. Encouraging feedback from clients and collaborating across departments to provide the most valuable content, training and support. GrowthForce has been a Silver tier partner in the ExpensifyApproved! Among the perks partners receive in this free program, including discounts, expedited support, and exclusive networking opportunities, the biggest advantage of joining the Approved! Program is having a dedicated account manager.

Prior to RocketReach, we would reach out to people through professional networking sites like Linkedln. But it was frustrating for us to have to wait for people to accept our connection requests and sending is too expensive..this was a major speed bump in our workflow and source of never ending frustration.. With the shear number of contacts we’ve been able to find using RocketReach, the platform has probably saved us nearly five years’ worth of waiting.

We’ve seen firsthand how financial and management reports can help leaders drive performance & growth. Our management accounting practices ensure you have the right actionable insights at your fingertips, including financial reports, KPIs, and company scorecards that are customized for your organization and goals. We help you interpret the results so you can make smart, data-driven decisions. Stephen King is the CEO and founder of GrowthForce.

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We partner with industry innovators in cloud-based software to build a fully integrated, accounting ecosystem for our clients. In 1995, I discovered Netscape and the World Wide Web. I immediately saw that as what I needed for that outsourced bookkeeping idea I had earlier. So I gave six months’ notice and started a company called Virtual Growth in New York’s Silicon Alley, providing bookkeeping, accounting, and controller services to web developers.

Great place to grow and learn to use many different apps and increase accounting knowledge by performing accounting tasks for many clients in various industries from Oil and Gas to Manufacturing. offers support via business hours and online. We streamline your back office by identifying more efficient workflows and defining how data is classified for actionable insights. The financial insights made available through a robust back office will help you identify, measure, and track key performance indicators that can help you determine the best way to use your resources to accomplish your mission. The companies said that the move is being made to help bolster companies’ ability to ensure accurate financial records, prevent fraud and comply with regulatory requirements. 3) In accounting, you are key to helping companies increase their bottom line. 2) If you are trying to get a new position and you know how to read a P&L, you are much more valuable to the company because accounting is the language of business.

Built into the file structure are template workpapers. “When we duplicate the folder structure, our workpaper templates are part of it.

Automate your cold outreach process with SalesBlink. GrowthForce is by far, the best company I’ve ever worked for. It has a wonderful; employee based atmosphere.